• Bring 10 students to apply for university on Absolute college and get $100

When you bring 10 students, write their names and send it to

  • Apply for IELTS and get 50% discount when taken the second time


When you apply for IELTS on our websites, and you got your scores back but you weren’t happy with absolute college will pay half of the price for you to write it again when you pay an insurance of $20


  • Submit a question and get answer in less than 1 hours

We have 1,265 experts  from different courses at your disposal when you post a question and write the subjects one of our professors will get back at you. If you are not happy with your question you can email us and we will refund your money back with a bonus of online tutoring for 1 hour of your choosing

Free Consultation for Universities

We will work with you to get the best university available and will pay for your transportation to the school.

Scholarship Opportunities

We will provide you with all the scholarship opportunities related to the university you are going too. And have access to Absolute College Scholarships.

Video Tutorials

You will be provided with free video tutorials for all your courses.


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